Hi, my friends SMA Xaverius 1 Sekolah Terbaik di Palembang

22 Oct

Again looking for the Best School in the city of Palembang ya? Do not sign elsewhere before you rejected by 1.Palembang Xavier High School is the location of Xavier High School in Palembang 1 Best Schools For that, respect that Xavier kita.SMA 1 Best Schools in Palembang – Hi, my friends I want to give [...]

ituPoker.com Agen Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya

1 Oct

Kami akan terus meninjau untuk menambahkan peraturan seiring dengan perkembangan kontes ituPoker.com Agen Poker Online Indonesia Terpercaya ini, dan keputusan Panitia tidak dapat diganggu gugat. Para Peserta wajib menyetujui seluruh syarat dan ketentuan lomba tanpa terkecuali. 21. Kami selaku panitia mempunya hak untuk meninjau setiap pemenang, mengurangi atau menambahkan peraturan yang ada, dan memilih ituPoker.com [...]

Darah berwarna merah dan putih

14 Sep

Darah merah dan putih sangat diperlukan oleh manusia. Darah harganya sangat mahal tapi pmi selalu mempunyai stok tiap saat. Darah yang diambil adalah darah dari para donatur danar yang gratis. Mereka suka diambil darahnya agar jadi gemuk. Fungsi sel darah merah terkait dengan donor darah. Darah yang berwarna merah sangat diperlukan pmi.

Russian motorcycle gets wood-power conversion

25 Aug

Filed under: Etc., Technology, Motorcycle, Humor, Russia Occasionally, we come across a technology that has just kind of been forgotten about. Take this Ural motorcycle. It runs on a substance called wood gas, which is the byproduct of incomplete combustion of carbon products like wood, hence it’s name. The fuel goes through a process called [...]

Bare-breasted woman’s motorcycle crash caught on cop dashcam

23 Aug

Filed under: Etc., Videos, Motorcycle We’ve said it before, we’ll say it now: it’s not that stranger things are happening now, it’s just that the interwebz allow us to spread them to the world at the speed of fiber optic light. The latest incident captured on America’s version of the Russian dash-cam, which is the [...]

Harley-Davidson announces new 2014 models with Project Rushmore influence [w/video]

21 Aug

Filed under: Etc., Motorcycle, Luxury Harley-Davidson listened to its customers when it designed its Touring segment motorcycles for 2014, giving them eight new motorcycles with more power, better braking, improved ergonomics and updated styling. In what the company says is the largest-scale model launch in its 110-year history, it used a new process of obtaining [...]

50-mph electric bicycle tackles Mulholland Highway

15 Aug

Filed under: Etc., Technology, Videos, Motorcycle, Electric Electric bicycles and electric motorcycles, like the Zero, are still kind of rare. But if this video is any indication, they have a bright future. This gentleman has rigged up a bicycle with an electric motor and a 72-volt, lithium-ion nano phosphate battery in his backpack. The custom [...]

Motorcyclist attacked by grumpy ram

13 Aug

Filed under: Videos, Motorcycle, Humor My cat Prytania is an enigma. Some days she’ll sleep all morning and afternoon, and not make a single peep. Other days, she’ll get so irritated if I haven’t let her outside first thing in the morning that she’ll make a claws-out attack on my feet as I walk by [...]

Zero recalls 268 motorcycles for troubled brakes

12 Aug

Filed under: Recalls, Technology, Motorcycle, Electric Zero Motorcycles is recalling 268 of its electric motorcycles due a faulty mounting bolt on the front brake caliper, which is prone to corrosion. Were the bolts to fail or fracture, the caliper could come loose and that could stop the front wheels. This, of course, would be very [...]

Discover the meaning of bike control with this crazy rotary-mounted helmet cam

3 Aug

Filed under: Motorsports, Etc., Videos, Motorcycle This is the unnamed winner of the third round of the 2013 Dunlop Autoby Cup Motorcycle Gymkhana, and the video of their run is mind-boggling for two different reasons. First, the motorcycle control on display here is extremely impressive, with excellent precision throughout. Secondly, the videography is great. The [...]